Back to School for Pets: 13 Thoughts

Back to School for Pets: 13 Thoughts

May 01, 2017

1. I just realized summer is almost over

2. Let's pretend school doesn't start tomorrow

3. Totally forgot what waking up at 7 AM feels like

4. It's the first day of school but I'm already freaking out about homework

5. Wow, I definitely fit in these clothes before freshman year

6. I think sleeping with my text book will magically make me more prepared for my first test

7. I'm so ready to ace this first test because I slept with my textbook

8. The teacher is handing back graded tests

9. I beg you, please give me an A

10. It's only Wednesday but we caught a glimpse of the weekend

11. Did someone say free food?

12. It's Friday!

13. I hide from homework on Sunday

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