Her Happiness is Our Mission

Our MISSION is to improve the lives of humans and their furry companions. We’ve made a commitment to producing natural, healthy products so you can be happy knowing your fur babies are receiving the best.

Our pets enrich our lives with their companionship and have our backs when we’re feeling down. So, we want to be there for them in the little ways – playing with them, keeping them comfortable, and making mealtime exciting.

FLAVORS is our small contribution: providing you with a way to change up your pet’s repetitious meals; enliven a new, restrictive diet; or introduce a simple treat to make the day more fun.

Every day, we come into work looking for ways to make life better for pet owners and their furry friends. It’s what drives us to create new products and look for ways to keep things as healthy and natural as possible.

To that end, we’ve made a commitment to ingredients that are…

All natural: free of crazy chemicals and artificial ingredients

Low sodium and low calorie

Grain free: no wheat, corn, or soy

Completely safe for pets with human grade quality

Both easy to use and easy on your wallet

Shelf-stable to eliminate waste

Ultimately, we believe that when humans treat their pets with compassion and care, the world becomes a better place. Thank you for supporting us and sharing our message.