FLAVORS + Probiotics Food Topper for Dogs (44 Servings)

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  • DIGESTIVE HEALTH AND IMMUNE SUPPORT - Flavors + Probiotics incorporates a patented, plant-based probiotic strain that is Doctor developed and helps to provide dogs relief from diarrhea, gas, constipation and upset stomach.
  • PROBIOTIC THAT SURVIVES STOMACH ACID - Mito-5051 is a patented, plant-based probiotic that is proven to survive stomach acid and is completely shelf-stable for over 2 years. With 45 servings per bottle, FLAVORS + Probiotics delivers maximum effectiveness to your dog's gut.
  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH - Contains 45 Billion CFU's of ultra premium probiotics per bottle and 1 Billion CFU's per serving. We do not dilute our formulation and inflate the number of CFU's by adding inexpensive probiotic strains (many probiotic strains do not survive once the product is opened or when consumed by your dog).

FLAVORS + Probiotics combines the delicious tastes of our FLAVORS recipes and ultra-premium probiotics for an extra healthy boost to your pup's meals. Our formulation incorporates the patented probiotic strain Mito-5051 (pediococcus acidilactici). Mito-5051 was doctor developed and has been scientifically proven to deliver more CFU's to the gut of a dog than most probiotic bacteria strains found on the market.*

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