Ocean Fish Catsicles

Ocean Fish Catsicles

April 18, 2017

Summer is almost here and it's bringing the heat with it. Help keep your cat cool with this fun summer recipe that they'll love! We call it the Ocean Fish Catsicle. Just mix the ingredients listed below together, put them in a small paper cup or ice cube tray, and put it in the freezer until solid. Then pop it out and your catsicle is ready to serve! We recommend putting it on a plate or bowl so it doesn't make a mess if it melts more quickly than your cat can lick.

Cow's Milk White Milk Frisch Food Drink Glass



  • 1/2 cup goat milk
  • 2 teaspoons Ocean Fish FLAVORS

Simple enough, right? This recipe is super easy to throw together but your cat will love the taste. We chose to use goat milk because it's easier on most cats' stomachs than regular cow milk, and the Ocean Fish FLAVORS just adds a tasty twist. We hope your cat enjoys this one!

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